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Tear and wear, climatic influences, accidents – there are many factors, which may affect an Indian musical instrument. More often than not, professional repair, maintenance and restoration work will help you to really enjoy your instrument again. India Instruments offers common services at the fixed prices given below.

For more complex repairs, like e.g. broken gourd or wood, paintwork damage or difficult mechanical problems, but also for complete repairs (like e.g. exchange of all sitar frets) we charge 56.- Euros per hour. We will be glad to give you a non-binding estimate for extensive repairs. For that we will need a precise list of desired works - if possible including photos in  *.jpg format.

Smaller repairs may be carried through immediately while you are in our shop in Berlin - please make an appointment for this purpose at an early stage!

All repair, maintenance and restoration orders have to be discussed with us in advance on the telephone or by email. Unsolicited instruments can, as a rule, not be processed.

We will be glad to provide you with any further information!:


  • Fret, rebind: 9.- Euros
  • Frets, complete cleaning: 28.- Euros
  • Frets, complete intonation: 28.- Euros
  • Bending correction of clanking fret: 28.- Euros
  • Chikari post, substitute: 28.- Euros
  • Peg, substitute: 28.- Euros
  • Stringing, complete replacement of: 84.- Euros
  • Bridge, repolishing (jovari): 84.- Euros
  • New bridge blank, adjusting and polishing: 112.- Euros


  • Instruments covered with skin (sarod, dilruba, esraj, sarangi and rabab):
    Affixing of new skin: 125.- Euros


  • Stringing replacement: 17.- Euros
  • Peg, substitute: 28.- Euros


Harmonium & Shrutibox:

  • Readjusting jammed key: 15.- Euros
  • Rectifying clanking reed: 15.- Euros


  • Bonding of simple crack with rebinding at the place of repair: 29.- Euros
  • Complete binding with ten binding sites: 84.- Euros

All prices plus cost of material.