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Top quality is our fundamental principle. We don't buy wholesale but always deal directly with leading Indian instrument makers. Most of our partners are small and medium-sized shops, specialising in particular instruments. They are usually run at least in the second generation and have built up an excellent reputation among Indian professional musicians over several decades. Personal contact to these makers enables us to keep up a continuous dialogue, taking part in current developments and innovations and sharing our experiences in quality control and improvement.

Our suppliers primarily produce for the Indian market. There they have to stand up to competition and there prices are made. Each instrument maker pursues his own business policy, independently of India Instruments, on which we can only exert limited influence. Generally we strive for long-term, reliable relations with our Indian partners.

We keep up-to-date with market developments and check out new or little known makers continuously. We change our partners if old traditional enterprises do not meet our quality standards anymore or if others come up with superior innovations, better quality, reliability or prices. As a result every single one of our instruments meets our unusually high quality demands concerning material, finish and tone. It comes from a well-known source and complies with the current state-of-the-art in the making of musical instruments. No matter in which price range: with India Instruments you are sure to get a quality product of lasting value.

Here we would like to introduce our most important partners. Please click on the brand name for further information!

Sitars - P. & Brothers, Monoj Kumar Sardar, Kanailal & Sons
Tanpuras - Miraj Ahmadsaheb, P. & Brothers, Monoj Kumar Sardar
Tablas - Narayan Badya Bhandar
Drums & Percussion - Paloma, Narayan Badya Bhandar, Karunya
Harmoniums - Bhava, Paloma, Pakrashi, Monoj Kumar SardarP. & Brothers, Tirupati, Sarangg
Wind instruments - Anant Dhotre, Paloma
Shrutiboxes - Paloma, Monoj Kumar Sardar
Electronical instruments - Radel
Plucked instruments - Paloma, ConcordKanailal & Sons, Monoj Kumar Sardar
Bowed instruments - Monoj Kumar Sardar, Paloma
Various string instruments - Paloma, Monoj Kumar Sardar

We are also in touch with the following makers, but we do not carry them in our regular assortment: Bhatia, DMSN.Dutta, HemenHiren RoyN. Mondal, Naskar & Co.Oriental MusikraftPaul & Co. Radha Krishna Sharma, Rikhi Ram, Sur-O-Jhankar