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HIREN ROY & SONS - Sitars, Surbahars, Tanpuras

HIREN ROY & SONS has been founded in 1942 in Calcutta and is, apart from Rikhi Ram in Delhi, the leading sitar manufacturer since the 1960s. The unique combination of unequalled sound, meticulous craftsmanship, constantly high quality and elegant design makes Hiren Roy sitars unmatched - and the choice of legendary masters like Nikhil Banerjee or Vilayat Khan. Hiren Roy is a small, highly specialised  family business with limited capacities and makes not only sitars, but also highly esteemed surbahars and tanpuras. After the death of founder Hiren Roy, the company was led by his eldest son Himangshu from 1992 - 1997.

After his premature death, Hiren Roy's youngest son Barun continued the tradition successfully in second generation. The original shop at Rashbehari Avenue was closed in 2007 due to demolition of the building. Since then Barun Roy has been working more secluded in his private rooms. The quantity of his production has gone done since then, and he focuses more exclusively on highest quality sitars and surbahars. Getting a new Hiren Roy sitar is thus becoming more and more difficult for private customers... However, India Instruments has a well-established connection with Barun since 1995 and is proud to still be able to offer exquisite instruments in the tradition of Hiren Roy!

Since 2008 the instruments carry the label "Barun Ray - Hiren Roy's Son". This is not a new brand or another manufacturer.