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KANAILAL & SONS - Sarods, Sitars

The company’s founder Kanailal Bhowmick is a native of the present day Bangladesh and started his career originally as a carpenter. After India became independent and divided, he moved to Calcutta and trained with the renowned instrument manufacturers Hiren Roy and Radha Krishna Sharma. Principally since the turn of the millennium, his own shop in Howrah, a neighbouring town to Calcutta on the other side of the Ganges, has acquired a good reputation among musicians because of its high quality sarods and sitars. Kanailal Bhowmick runs it with his three sons Subhas, Mintu and Ashutosh, Kanailal & Sons are not directly related to the legendary sitar, surbahar and rudra veena manufacturer Kanailal & Brother, who closed down in 1995 due to a lack of succession.