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BINA - Percussion, Harmoniums

BINA was founded by Gian Singh in Delhi in 1935 and is one of the most renowned harmonium makers worldwide nowadays. The son of Gian Singh, Avtar Singh, and his two sons P.Singh and Daljit Singh are running the business today. Bina has a big workshop in Old Delhi and is running several retail stores under their name. Even though Bina is able to make high quality instruments, the company is highly committed to mass-produce items of a simple quality. Therefore, many Bina instruments meet only very low standards. Being a worldwide active trader, however, Bina disposes of a great network of Indian partners that supply prime quality Indian musical instruments of all sorts. India Instruments has been occasionally co-operating with Bina since 2010, mainly in the area of small percussion instruments like manjiras (cymbals) and ghungroos (foot bells).