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June - September 2022

Bhava Studio Standard Edition

Bhava Studio Standard Edition
High-quality stand-up harmonium for regular use - full range, round sound and especially long sustain.

Bhava Classic Standard Edition

Bhava Classic Standard Edition
High-quality foldable harmonium for regular use - full range, round sound, long sustain and wide dynamic range. Perfect for accompanying mantra singing, chanting, yoga and relaxation.

September 2021 - January 2022

S.R.I. Dholak Karunya

S.R.I. Dholak Karunya
The dholak is a popular barrel drum for accompanying kirtans and bhajans. The smaller side has a high metallic sound and the large side a bass.

Sunadavinodini: Semi-acoustic Saraswati Veena

Sunadavinodini: Semi-acoustic Saraswati Veena
A new interpretation of old tradition comes from Radel, the pioneer of electronic Indian musical instruments from Bangalore: the Sunadavinodini is a contemporary semi-acoustic version of the time-honoured classical South Indian Saraswati Veena.

Paloma Shrutibox large Recon

Paloma Shrutibox large Recon
The shrutibox Paloma large Recon enthralls you with a particularly well-balanced, warm, full tone, extra long sustain, unmatched dynamic range and comfortable playability. The unique bamboo look, silk mat surfaces and fine workmanship make this a truly exquisite instrument.

April - August 2021

Harmonium Sarang Mini Pro

Harmonium Sarang Mini Pro
The Sarang Mini Pro is a perfect companion for mantras and kirtans on the road and at home - light, compact, robust, pleasant to handle and yet a full-fledged harmonium with a powerful, round sound.

Tirupati Kirtan Premium Mini

Tirupati Kirtan Premium Mini
The collapsible Tirupati Kirtan Premium Mini is a smaller version of the Kirtan Premium model and therefore especially suitable for travelling. The simple construction makes it inexpensive and robust, high-quality double reeds provide a full, warm sound and for the small format it has an amazingly good sustain.

Vaisnava Harmonium

Vaisnava Harmonium - Book & 2 CDs
Vaisnava Harmonium is based on the classical North Indian music system and presents 43 Vaisnava Bhajans. It goes step by step from very simple to more advanced melodies. Instead of Western notation, the easy-to-read Indian letter notation is used.

Sitar Method Deluxe Edition

Hal Leonard Sitar Method – Deluxe Edition
Hal Leonard Sitar Method by Josh Feinberg is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the sitar and its technique, as well as to the practice, theory and history of raga music. In addition to the Standard Edition as a book with online access to 42 audio tracks, there is now also a Deluxe Edition.

January / February / March 2021

Dorod Kanailal / 7/8 Hybrid Sarod

Dorod Kanailal / 7/8 Hybrid Sarod
The Dorod is a hybrid that combines the high sound quality and differentiated playing possibilities of the classical sarod with the compact dimensions of the Bengali dotar from the Baul tradition.

P. & Brothers Female Hybrid Tanpura

P. & Brothers Female Hybrid Tanpura
The Female Tanpura Hybrid by P. & Brothers has the traditional design with gourd resonator, but is only as long as a typical instrumental tanpura. The perfect female tanpura for travelling!

Monoj Kumar Sardar Female Flatback Tanpura

Monoj Kumar Sardar Female Flatback Tanpura
The female flatback tanpura of Monoj Kumar Sardar is perfect for musicians looking for an especially compact and sturdy female tanpura for frequent travelling. Its solid wooden structure makes it easier to handle and much less fragile than tanpuras with pumpkin sound box.

July / December 2020

Harmonium Pakrashi Premium Mini

Harmonium Pakrashi Premium Mini
Low weight and small dimensions make the Pakrashi Premium Mini a perfect accompaniment for mantras and kirtans on the road and at home - without cumbersome folding mechanism. It is sturdy and easy to use and has a rich, warm and round sound.

Harmonium Sarang Kirtan Classic

Harmonium Sarang Kirtan Classic
The Sarang Kirtan Classic is a good choice for beginners and kirtan singers who appreciate fine quality. Its main features are equivalent to our Tirupati Kirtan Classic and the 23 B from Bina, but the quality of materials and workmanship is a bit higher.

April / May / June 2020

S.R.I Khol / Mridanga Karunya

S.R.I. Khol / Mridanga Karunya
Fully snthetic drum heads and body and an ingenious tuning mechanism make the S.R.I. Khol Karunya robust, durable, easy to tune and vegan. It also offers excellent sound quality.

Harmonium Pakrashi Premium

Harmonium Pakrashi Premium
High quality in materials and workmanship, well balanced rich sound and a classy look are features of the Pakrashi Premium harmonium. It is well suited for regular use at home, to accompany chanting groups or for playing together with other instruments - a smart choice for demanding people who like something special.

January / February / March 2020

Harmonium Tirupati Om white

Harmonium Tirupati Standard OM white
Looking for a harmonium that stands out from the usual brown wood colours? Here it is! White lacquer, red fabric, silver fittings and the carved OM symbol create a very special look. And musically this model leaves hardly anything to be desired.

Harmonium Tirupati Basic Pro

Harmonium Tirupati Basic Pro
The Tirupati Basic Pro is a particularly simple, small, light, robust and inexpensive harmonium with a warm, rich sound. It‘s a perfect second instrument for classes, workshops and rehearsals and a great mobile accompaniment for frequent travellers.

July / August / September 2019

Harmonium Bina Kirtan Premium

Bina Kirtan Premium
The Bina Kirtan Premium is an improved version of the popular Kirtan Classic model. The simple construction makes it inexpensive and robust, thanks to its compact dimensions it can easily be transported when collapsed and double tongues and octave coupling provide a full, brilliant sound. A good choice for beginners as well as for ambitious kirtan singers.

Harmonium Bina Kirtan Premium Mini

Bina Kirtan Premium Mini
The Bina Kirtan Premium Mini is a smaller version of the Kirtan Premium model which is particularly suitable for travelling. The simple construction makes it inexpensive and sturdy, high-quality double reeds provide a full, warm sound and for its small size it has an amazingly good sustain. A good choice for beginners as well as for ambitious kirtan singers.

Harmonium Binaswar

The Binaswar is ideal for anyone looking for a simply built and therefore very sturdy instrument with particularly fine workmanship and material quality. It offers a full, balanced and warm sound, good sustain and an appealing appearance.

May / June 2019

Harmonium Bina Standard

Bina Standard
The Bina Standard harmonium is ideal for beginners looking for a simple low price instrument. It produces a full, rich sharp sound and has a simple quality of materials and craftsmanship.

March / April 2019

S.R.I. Mridangam Karunya

S.R.I. Mridangam Karunya
Synthetic skins, a fibreglass body and a sophisticated stainless steel tuning mechanism make the vegan S.R.I. Mridangam Karunya extremely sturdy, durable and easy to tune. Soundwise it equals professional traditional mridangams.

S.R.I. Tabla Set Karunya

S.R.I. Tabla Set Karunya
Synthetic skins, fibreglass shells and stainless steel tuning mechanisms make the vegan S.R.I. Tabla set Karunya extremely sturdy, durable and easy to tune. The sound is full and resonant. Perfect for beginners!

Gyan - Educational Series of Indian Ragas Vol. 5 - 2 CDs & Booklet

Gyan - Educational Series of Indian Ragas Vol. 5 - 2 CDs & Booklet
Ragas Poorvi, Puriya Dhaneshree, Paraj, Basant, Shree, Asavari, Komal Rishav Ashavari, Jaunpuri, Desi and Lalit

November / December 2018

Harmonium Paloma Maestro

Paloma Maestro
Only the best is good enough for you? Check out our Paloma Maestro harmonium! High-quality materials, finest workmanship, easy handling and unique construction ensure an incomparable experience in terms of sound and playability.

September / October 2018

Harmonium Tirupati Basic

Tirupati Basic
The Tirupati Basic is a particularly simple, small, light, robust and inexpensive harmonium with a warm sound. It is ideal for on the go, for practicing, as a second instrument for lessons and workshops, as an introduction for children, as a shrutibox replacement, as well as for all those who simply want to try themselves out.

May / June 2018

Paloma Large 432

Paloma Large 432
The Shrutibox Paloma large 432 enthralls you with a particularly well-balanced, warm, full tone, extra long sustain, unmatched dynamic range and comfortable playability. Its tuning to 432 hertz is said to be particularly relaxing and healing.

Monoj Kumar Sardar Large 432

Monoj Kumar Sardar Large 432
The Shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar large 432 offers a balanced, warm, full tone with long sustain, wide dynamic range and easy playability. Its tuning to 432 hertz is said to be particularly relaxing and healing.

Monoj Kumar Sardar Large G

Monoj Kumar Sardar Large G
The shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar large G offers a balanced, full tone with long sustain, wide dynamic range and easy playability. The tuning to the low fundamental G gives it a particularly warm tone.

March / April 2018

Shanti Kirtan Classic 432

Shanti Kirtan Classic 432
Our first harmonium tuned to 432 hertz instead of the usual 440 hertz. It is a good choice for beginners and kirtan singers and almost identical in construction to our Kirtan Classic harmoniums from Paloma and Tirupati and the 23 B from Bina - thanks to Krishna Das and Jai Uttal probably the best known harmonium model in the Western kirtan scene.

Shanti Compactina Mini

Shanti Compactina Mini
Is an extremely compact and light harmonium and therefore ideal for travelling. The unique construction is similar to our bestseller Paloma Compactina and makes the Shanti Compactina Mini only about half as deep and significantly narrower and lighter than an ordinary standard harmonium - without any failure-prone folding mechanism.

May / June 2017

Tirupati Kirtan Mini
Perfect for travelling yogis and kirtan fans. It is a smaller and somewhat simpler variant of the classic model Kirtan Classic - thanks to Krishna Das or Jai Uttal probably the best-known harmonium model in the Western kirtan community.

Tirupati Kirtan Classic

Tirupati Kirtan Classic
Is a good choice for beginners and kirtan singers. It is nearly identical to the Paloma Kirtan Standad harmonium and to the classic 23 B from Bina, DMS or other brands - - thanks to Krishna Das or Jai Uttal probably the best-known harmonium model in the Western kirtan community. However, the Tirupati workshop uses better materials.

March / April 2017


a homage to a vast and miraculous world, that has inspired the curiosity and exploratory urge of mankind as well as unrestrained exploitation - and which hitherto still defies all domination attempts. In ten atmospherically dense pieces, one experiences the ocean's overwhelming vitality, meets its fascinating and often endangered creatures, feels its importance for the earth's climate and its interplay with the powerful forces of the earth's core and the cosmic heavenly bodies.

Januray / February 2017

Textbook for Dilruba, Esraj & Taus

Textbook for Dilruba, Esraj & Taus
The three popular Indian string instruments taus, dilruba and esraj are so closely related to each other in terms of playing technique, history and repertoire that they can be treated together in one textbook.

September / October 2016

Tirupati Kirtan Premium D 42/4

Tirupati Kirtan Premium
An improved version of the popular Kirtan 23 B. The simple design makes it inexpensive and sturdy. It's easy to move around thanks to its compact dimensions in folded state. And double reeds and octave coupler provide for full, warm and bright sound.

Tirupati Harinam D 32

Tirupati Harinam
A particularly small, light and sturdy harmonium with sharp and powerful sound. Its price of 370 Euros makes it the cheapest double reed harmonium in our assortment. Its small bellows, however, give it very little sustain and limit its range of dynamic variation.

March / April 2016

P. & Brothers Maestro

P. & Brothers Maestro
Our new harmonium model Maestro T 42-5 by P. & Brothers is perfect for skilled musicians looking for a high quality instrument with rich beautiful sound, long sustain, lots of extras and great versatility. It is an excellent choice for professional recordings as well as for concerts. It gives you considerably more options in terms of sound than our premium harmoniums. At the same time it is lighter, cheaper and more sturdy than our foldable scale-changer harmoniums. And with a padded bag it is also great for travelling.

Ta-Udu (wooden Ghatam)

Ta-Udu - Wooden-Ghatam
The Ta-Udu is inspired by traditional clay instruments like ghatam or udu, but is made completely of wood. It can be played on all parts of its body and emits sharp sounds reminiscent of its clay ancestors in most places. Strokes onto the hole in its side give a powerful bass. Its most special feature is the thin bottom – its sound is similar to that of a tight drum skin. In that way the Ta-Udu combines characteristic sounds from different instruments in a single compact and sturdy new instrument.

Tunable Kanjira

Tunable Kanjira
Traditionally the small South Indian frame drum kanjeera is tuned by applying a bit of water to the skin before playing. The simplicity of this technique is compelling, but it also has serious practical disadvantages: The humidity of the skin needs to be readjusted time and again, and it is hardly possible to tune to an exact pitch and maintain it throughout a performance. Majid Karami's kanjeera solves these problems with a sophisticated system of separate inner and outer frame rings and elevating screws. That system makes it possible to raise or lower the inner frame ring in relation to the outer and thus adjust the skin tension very precisely according to requirements.

Tabla Hook

Tabla Hook
Working the strap with bare hands is a very difficult and often painful job, because the strap is very stiff and tenacious and is under high tension. It is difficult to move it and it often digs into the fingers. However, our tabla hook makes it easy to grab and pull the strap with utmost precision.

January / February 2016

The Hare Krishna Music Book

The Hare Krishna Music Book
Lyrics, notations and chords for 70 Vaisnava songs. Songs notated in this beautifully illustrated book are sung in Krishna temples. For the most part the music stems from the Vedic tradition of India. This is more than a book of songs and melodies; it also describes daily devotional activities that constitute worship for a home or temple.

Vaisnava Melodies: 23 Easy Tunes for Keyboard

Vaisnava Melodies: 23 Easy Tunes for Keyboard
This textbook by Narayani Devi Dasi presents 23 simple melodies in honour of Krishna for beginners and amateur musician. No prior experience is necessary - everyone can learn to play the tunes on the harmonium or other keyboard instruments with the help of this book.

Practical Mrdanga Lessons

Practical Mrdanga Lessons

In this methodical, clear and vivid course, Ramanujacharya Das teaches basic skills to play the khol / mridanga. The teaching material includes explanation of the most popular Indian rhythms (talas), stroke techniques, rhythmic khol patterns for bhajans and kirtans, cool breaks and endings.

May / June 2015

Paloma Kirtan Classic

Paloma Kirtan Classic
Thanks to world-renowned kirtan singers like Krishna Das and Jai Uttal the Kirtan Classic is probably the most famous and most popular harmonium model in the western kirtan scene. The simple construction makes it sturdy on the road, transport is easy due to its small size when folded, and the double reeds (bass and male register) provide a full sound.

Foot Pedal for Shrutibox

Foot Pedal for Shrutibox
The foot pedal enables you to pump the bellows of your shrutibox with your foot while keeping the hands free. That way you can accompany yourself with the shrutibox while playing another instrument, e.g. guitar, flute, violin, or percussion. The only condition: the shrutibox must be able to stand stably on its own.

Indian Rhythms for Drumset (Book & CD)

Indian Rhythms for Drumset (Book & CD)
The complexity of Indian rhythm is phenomenal and legendary. Anyone who has ever seen a classical performance of tabla, pakhawaj, mridangam or ghatam, is unlikely to forget it. However, the rhythm is not bound to the technically demanding traditional Indian instruments. Thanks to the rhythm syllables used in traditional teaching (bols in North India / konnakol in South India) one can learn the Indian rhythm system without knowledge of Indian instruments and use it to play other instruments. Pete Lockett's extensive and profound textbook Indian Rhythms for Drumset has been written especially for drummers to enable them to adopt Indian rhythm to their set.

March / April 2015

Sitar Method

Sitar Training Book with CD
Good teaching material for self-study of musical instruments requires a deep knowledge of the instrument and its music tradition, a solid educational concept, answers to common practical questions and an intelligent combination of different media. All these features come together in Sitar Method by Josh Feinberg.

January / February 2015

Radel Milan

Radel Milan 2 in 1
Milan means juncture in Hindi. The Milan combines electronic tabla and tanpura in a single device with good sound quality and great technical reliability. It offers a basic repertoire of Indian rhythms and a rich drone.

Taalmala Digi-108

Taalmala Digi-108
The tabla machine Taalmala Digi-108 offers an enormous range of preset Indian rhythms from classical to folk to devotional, good sound quality, many variations and high technical reliability. Rhytms can be edited and new rhythms can be programmed, too.


Painful fingertips instead joy of music is the lot of many sitar players. The remedy for this problem is building strong callus by means of regular and intense stimulation. Ideally, the fingertips get sufficient stimulation through consistent daily practice. But in everyday life, it is often difficult to find enough time for this regularity, or there might be long periods without any practice, e.g. due to illness or travel. These widespread practical problems can be solved by using the StringGym training device.

November / December 2014

Harmonium Paloma Basic

Harmonium Paloma Basic
Our harmonium model Paloma Basic 25 S is an amazingly simple low-price instrument. The features are reduced to the essentials; all unnecessary extras have been omitted. This gets you an extremely sturdy and lightweight harmonium way cheaper than any other model in our assortment.

July / August 2014

Padded Khol Gig Bag

Padded Khol Gig Bag
Our padded carrying bags for khol are ideal for everyday use. The padding dampens shocks, giving the sensitive body a certain amount of protection. Thanks to the low weight of the bags, you can still carry the khol comfortably in one hand or over the shoulder. Inside the bag, the instrument is also protected from dirt and climate fluctuations.

Fibreglass Khol Case

Fibreglass Khol Case
For extensive travels or concert tours, our fiberglass cases for khols are just the thing. They offer perfect protection from shocks and thus allow you to hand over a precious khol to others for transport with a good feeling.

May / June 2014


The tumbi is a small, lightweight folk instrument with just one string from the northwestern Indian state of Punjab. It is used to play simple tunes with characteristic timbre.

Wooden Kartals

Wooden Kartals
Rajasthani kartals are a simple rhythm instrument made of thin hardwood boards. They come from the western Indian state of Rajasthan. They are related to the castanets used in flamenco. Rajasthani Kartals are relatively wide and long and are played in two pairs, just like castanets - each hand holds one pair. Their sharp, clear, clacking sound is produced by striking two boards together in one hand.


Sitar Holder SitarFlex
The traditional sitting position for playing sitar - cross-legged on the floor with the instrument resting on the left foot - is a big problem for many sitar lovers. It may even spoil the joy of playing permanently. Our sitar holder SitarFlex offers a solution for this problem. It was developed by a German sitar player and engineer and holds the sitar stable and steady in the desired playing position - with the body on the ground and the neck pointing diagonally upward in an angle of about 45 degrees. That way neither a specific leg position is required to keep the sitar in position, nor a pressure of the right forearm. The instrument stands completely by itself!

March / April 2014

Miraj Ahmadsaheb Male Tanpura

Miraj Ahmadsaheb Male Tanpura
Our male tanpura Miraj Ahmadsaheb is a brand instrument with a perfectly balanced sound and a long tradition. Its round, rich and full sound is free of interfering peaks and has a unique spatial depth. The built is noticeably heavier than comparable tanpuras from Calcutta. Perhaps therein lies the secret of its unique sound quality.

Miraj Ahmadsaheb Female Tanpura

Miraj Ahmadsaheb Female Tanpura
Our female tanpura Miraj Ahmadsaheb is a brand instrument with a perfectly balanced sound and a long tradition. Its round, rich and full sound is free of interfering peaks and has a unique spatial depth. The built is noticeably heavier than comparable tanpuras from Calcutta. Perhaps therein lies the secret of its unique sound quality.

September / October 2013

Shrutibox Paloma Large

Shrutibox Paloma Large
Our new shrutibox Paloma large is a top quality instrument with a particularly balanced, warm, full sound and unmatched dynamic range. The unique bamboo look, silk mat surfaces and fine workmanship make this a truly exquisite instrument.

July / August 2013

Playing Kirtan on Harmonium

Kirtan Accompaniment On Harmonium - Introductory DVD
"Playing Kirtan on Harmonium - A fun step-by-step introduction to the squeeze box" is probably the best introduction to the harmonium that is currently available. It is perfect for beginners with no musical training - no prior knowledge required! Daniel Tucker shows and explains the most important basics systematically, clearly and with infectious enthusiasm.

Bhakti Breakfast CLub

Harmonium Learning Online – Bhakti Breakfast Club
Why still buy instructional DVDs for harmonium when such videos are available in abundance and excellent quality on the internet? of Daniel Tucker's Bhakti Breakfast Club makes for perfect learning online! It is probably the best and most comprehensive teaching material for harmonium available anywhere today.

May / June 2013

Breath of the Heart

Breath of the Heart – Songbook
This book features songsheets in two notation styles (Western staff and Indian sargam) for all the songs on Krishna Das' album "Breath of the Heart".

Gyan Vol. 1

Gyan - Educational Series of Indian Ragas Vol. 1 – 2 CDs & Booklet
Ragas Yaman, Bhupali, Deshkar, Shudh-Kalyan, Kedar, Kamod, Hamir und Chhayanat

Gyan Vol. 2

Gyan - Educational Series of Indian Ragas Vol. 2 – 2 CDs & Booklet
Ragas Bhairav, Kalingra, Ramkali, Ahir Bhairav, Kafi, Bhimpalasi, Bageshwari, Rageshwari,Barwa

Gyan Vol. 3

Gyan - Educational Series of Indian Ragas Vol. 3 – 2 CDs & Booklet
Ragas Bilawal, Behag, Marubehag, Nand, Shankara, Marwa, Puriya, Sohini, Bhatiyar

Gyan Vol. 4

Gyan - Educational Series of Indian Ragas Vol. 4 – 2 CDs & Booklet
Ragas Bhairavi, Bilaskhani Todi, Malkauns, Miyan-ki-Todi, Multani, Khamaj, Jhinjhoti, Desh, Tilak-Kamod, Jaijaiwanti

March / April 2013

Daniel Tucker: Learn to Play Harmonium

Daniel Tucker: Learn to Play Harmonium
Set with 4 DVDs, CD, book & practice cards. Definetely the best comprehensive harmonium teaching available today! Daniel Tucker's systematic and user-friendly material really gives you everything you need to know to play on harmonium with a special focus on kirtan – fingering, bellows technique, basics of Indian music, basics of chords, vocal warm-up, transposing and two beautiful kirtans to get started

January / February 2013

MKS Harmonium Scale Changer

MKS Scale Changer Foldable
Scale-changer foldable T 45/5 from Monoj Kumar Sardar is ideal for experienced musicians, who seek a high quality instrument with all extras and the largest range of functional possibilities for use in all kinds of different contexts. The whole keyboard of three octaves can be shifted in half note steps from g sharp up to e (scale-changer) - which makes transposing child's play!

MKS Harmonium Standard

Monoj Kumar Sardar Standard D 37/3
The standard harmonium D 37/3 from Monoj Kumar Sardar is an inexpensive and sturdy beginner's instrument. With simple quality and without unnecessary extras it produces a beautiful, carrying sound. The 37 keys give the Monoj Kumar Sardar standard a range of three octaves. Each note is fitted with two reeds in middle and low octave (male / bass)

September / October 2012

DMS Kirtan Harmonium

New Harmonium - DMS Kirtan D 32
Harmoniums are becoming ever more popular. Therefore we have added an exciting new model to our assortment. The DMS Kirtan harmonium is a particularly small, lightweight and robust instrument with a powerful sound rich in overtones. It is ideal for travelling, to accompany kirtan and other group singing and for rhythmical play. The light weight and small dimensions are achieved without any cumbersome and delicate folding mechanisms

July / August 2012

MKS Shrutibox Medium

Shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar Medium
Our shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar medium is a great all-purpose box with a balanced, warm, full sound and attractive solid wood design. The shrutibox medium combines the pros of bigger and smaller shrutiboxes into an interesting hybrid. It is considerably lighter than Monoj Kumar Sardar’s shrutibox large, making it a rather pleasant instrument to carry. At the same time it has noticeably bigger bellows than Monoj Kumar Sardar’s and Paloma’s shrutiboxes small, which even facilitates a fairly constant sound of chords

MKS Shrutibox Triple

Shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar Triple
The shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar Triple is designed for professionals with particularly high demands. Due to its greatly extended range it produces a unique rich and vibrant drone sound, appreciated especially by music and sound therapists. Like all shrutiboxes, the Monoj Kumar Sardar Triple is very reliable and extremely easy to handle. The range stretches over three octaves from C3 to B5

Nikhil Banerjee: Maluha-Kalyan & Nat-Bhairav

Nikhil Banerjee (Sitar): Ragas Maluha Kalyan & Nat Bhairava
Nikhil Banerjee (1931 - 1986) was a widely admired and respected master of Indian music and undoubtedly one of the greatest sitarists of his generation. His sophisticated style combines the best of all the great sitar schools and makes him an ideal representative of this instrument. The tabla accompaniment is played by Anindo Chatterjee

Gangubhai Hangal: Adana, Yaman & Ahir-Bhairav

Gangubai Hangal (Khyal Vocal): Ragas Adana, Yaman & Ahir Bhairav
Gangubai Hangal (1913 - 2009) was a representative of the Kirana Gharana. As a woman and coming from a lower caste, she had to overcome tremendous resistance to succeed as a classical singer. With her characteristically deep, almost masculine voice, she was for decades one of the very great, most respected artists of India. For her life's work she was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, the second highest Indian state order. She is accompanied here by Sultan Khan (sarangi) and Shesh Giri Hangal (tabla)

May / June 2012

Yogendra: Peace, Love & Joy

Raga-CD by Yogendra - New Edition
"Peace, Love & Joy - Three Ragas for Sitar & Tabla", the new edition of Yogendra's classical Indian raga CD along with tabla player Paul Ashis, has been published in May 2012. It brings three traditional Indian evening melodies to life with sitar and tabla, opening a door to the magic and deep spirituality of India. Ideal for relaxation, meditation, yoga, ayurveda and tantra - but also for demanding artistic listening pleasure!

January / February 2012

Paloma Companion

Harmonium Paloma Companion
Due to its light weight and small dimensions, our new harmonium model Paloma Companion is the perfect support for mantras and kirtans on the road and at home - light, compact, sturdy, comfortable to use and yet a full harmonium with a warm, round sound

Bansuri Tube Case

Bags for Bansuris
Good news for all flute players: We now also carry special bags for bansuris! The bags have a rigid plastic tube inside and are covered with a sturdy nylon fabric with handle / shoulder strap on the outside.

Sitar Padded Gig Bag

Bags for Sitars
There are new gig bags for sitar players as well. They come with an extra thick padding and are available as single-tumba bag or as double-tumba bag (with space for upper resonator)

November / Dezember 2011

Improvisation mit Hariprasad Chaurasia

Textbook with CDs: Improvisation with Hariprasad Chaurasia
Previously, however, there was a large gap in the published teaching media. Introductory material is available for many instruments. And concert recordings of great masters are there, too. But didactically prepared material showing how raga improvisation works at concert level, and to play along with, was not there before. This gap is filled by "Hariprasad Chaurasia and the Art of Improvisation", a 200-page book with two CDs and notations, compiled and published by Henri Tournier

Tha Ki Ta Tha

tha-ki-ta-tha: Tabla-Documentation
The strength and beauty of tha-ki-ta-tha is the fresh, unspoiled perspective of the filmmakers. They look behind the scenes with curiosity and enthusiasm and provide exciting insights into tabla manufacture, lessons, concert practice and historical and mythological backgrounds. This broad perspective is obtained by not only featuring well-known stars, but also people from the second or third row who devote their lives to the tabla

September 2011

Ravi Shankar: Raga

Ravi-Shankar-Doku "Raga" on DVD
"Raga" was filmed in 1967 and 1968 in the U.S. and India. However, due to financial and technical problems, it could be published in 1971. Director was Howard Worth, producer was Ravi Shankar himself.

June 2011

Indigo Masala: Legends of Panipur

Indigo Masala CD - Legends of Panipur
"Legends of Panipur," the second CD of world music trio Indigo Masala, tells of an imaginary journey to the paradisiacal princedom of Panipur, located about halfway between the Far East and Midwest, where Orient and Occident gently touch. The 12 new original compositions offer magical sitar (Yogendra), groovy tabla (Ravi Srinivasan) and impulsive accordion (Arun Leander), enriched with captivating vocals, colourful percussion, exuberant joy, subtle humor and a touch of jazz

March 2011

Nikhil Banerjee: Yaman-Kalyan

Yaman-Kalyan by Nikhil Banerjee
To the surprise and delight of Nikhil Banerjee fans, the English label Navras has now released another live recording of Nikhil Banerjee. The title "Pratibha" translates as "creative genius", and it is a rendering of Raga Yaman-Kalyan at Musée Guimet in Paris in 1983. The tabla accompanist is Anindo Chatterjee, Nikhil Banerjee's regular partner in the years before his death and considered to be one of India's greatest living tabla players today.

Carrying Forward a Tradition

DVD Kishori Amonkar (Khyal-Gesang): Sampradaya - Carrying Forward a Tradition
The charismatic khyal singer Kishori Amonkar, currently perhaps the most famous and important female classical Indian singer, can now be experienced live on DVD. The deeply spiritual diva is regarded as a rebel and avant-gardist in the classical Indian tradition and her creative genius has evolved a very unique expressive style of her own, beyond the boundaries of traditional gharanas

Kinna Sohna

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (Qawwali-Gesang) & Michael Brook: Kinna Sohna (How Beautiful)
In 2007, a tribute concert took place at the Royal Festival Hall in London to commemorate the 10th death anniversary of legendary qawwali singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. The first part of the concert was performed by Nusrat's nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, considered the legitimate heir of his uncle, and his group with traditional Qawwali. It has been published last year under the title "Remembering Nusrat". "Kinna Sohna (How Beautiful)" is the second part of the tribute concert and features the joint performance of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Michael Brook

September 2010

Riyaz Studio

RiyazStudio - Tabla- & Tanpura-Software
RiyazStudio is a time-tested tabla, tanpura and drone software, which can completely replace any electronic tabla and tanpura machines. "Riyaz" means "practice", and RiyazStudio can indeed be a wonderful inspiration for regular practice with its great sounds and many functional options

Easy Harmonium

Easy Harmonium - Book & CD
The book Easy Harmonium with accompanying CD is a perfect solution for anybody looking for new spiritual songs, but unable to decipher western staff notation or chord symbols. The 35-pages book presents the texts of nine Krishna-bhajans and various melodies for the Hare Krishna maha mantra

North Indian Dotara

North Indian Dotara - Chant-Instrument
The North Indian dotara is a simple instrument with two strings. It is traditionally used by spiritual singers as an accompaniment to their devotional chants. The open strings are plucked in rhythm with the singing and either tuned to the tonic or to the tonic and another fitting note. This creates a sound space that supports the singing and gives rhythmic passages a nice movement. The playing technique is so simple that it does not require any learning or practice and does not distract from the chaning

August 2010

Tabla Backpack

Tabla Backpack
Good tablas are relatively heavy and bulky and therefore hard to carry in cases or bags. Cases with wheels can be a way of getting along with this problem. Another solution is our tabla gig back in backpack format

Devotional Music Lessons

DVD-Set for Khol, Manjiras & Harmonium
The 4-DVD-set Devotional Music Lessons offers a complete introduction to the traditional Bengali performance practice of the clay drum khol (here called mrdanga), the harmonium and the cymbals manjira (here called kartal) – as well as a rich collection of music from the Hare Krishna movement

Music Book Kirtan

Music Book for Kirtan Singing
Kirtan is the name for the call and response singing between lead singer and devotees in some of India's spiritual traditions. It is often accompanied by instruments like harmonium and tabla. In the West, guitars are frequently used to support kirtan as well. Kirtan singing is often described as a joyful method of expanding consciousness. Many people find kirtan singing especially in a large and enthusiastic group very inspiring and uplifting

June 2010

Nada Yoga

Book & CD: Nada Yoga
Yoga offers many ways to the inner self. One of the lesser known ways is called nada yoga, working with sound. "Nada Yoga - Hinwendung zum inneren Klang" is the first comprehensive basic book on the subject in German, written by long-term nada yoga teachers Barbara Irmer and Carmen Mager. The book is supplemented by a CD with the same title, performed by the authors together with musician Frank Beese

Malola 10: Bhairavi

CD Bhairavi - beauty of nature
Classical Indian ragas are the heart of this enchanting publication of the small German label Malola, known for unusual productions of spiritual music from India. Raga CDs are usually focused on one famous virtuoso, but this recording gets by without any celebrity cult. It rather tries to create a very specific timeless and relaxed atmosphere - a tribute to the Hindu's holy city Varanasi and to the holy river Ganges, as the subtitle says. That is beautifully achieved by combining soundscapes from life in Varanasi with mantra recitations and performances of various popular ragas on a variety of instruments

March 2010

Amelia Cuni: Ocean of Colours

CD Amelia Cuni (Dhrupad-Vocal): Ocean of Colours - Homage to Pandit Bidur Mallik
This Dhrupad recital pays homage to Bidur Mallik, prominent exponent of the Darbhanga gharana who passed away in 2002. Italian born, Amelia Cuni has devoted her life to Dhrupad singing and studied with Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar, Bidur Mallik and Dilip Chandra Vedi

Satish Vyas: Cutting Edge

CD Satish Vyas (Santoor): Cutting Edge
Santoor virtuoso Satish Vyas has already recorded quite a few album for Navras. "Cutting Edge" presents a new approach in form and content. Apart from the traditional Ragas Nat Bhairav and Jhinjhoti, Satish Vyas has recorded his own creations Raga Salang and Raga Kaushik Ranjani for the first time. Satish Vyas has chosen a compact form of only 15 to 20 minutes for each Raga, instead of the usual 60 to 70 minutes elaboration

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan: Remembering Nusrat

CD Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Group (Qawwali-Vocal): Remembering Nusrat - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Memorial Concert
Live-recording of parts of a concert in honour of legendary Qawwali singer late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in Oktober 2007 at the Royal Festival Hall, London. It presents Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan with his traditional Qawwali-Ensemble

L. Subramaniam: Global Symphony

DVD L. Subramaniam (Violin) & London Symphony Orchestra: Global Symphony
Numerous Indian musicians have played in fusion- and crossover-projects, but apart from Ravi Shankar hardly anybody has worked as profoundly and as persistently in the field as South Indian star violinist L. Subramaniam. He has complemented his Indian musical upbringing with an M.A. in Western Music from California Institute of Arts and has composed for and performed with major Western orchestras again and again. This DVD is the live-recording of a concert at Barbican Centre, London, in September 2006