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Here is some feedback from our customers. If you would like to contribute, just send your message to music(at) !

"I had ordered a sitar in the Vilayat Khani style, but I didn't get on so well with the sound, although the instrument has a very good sound, but just not mine. That's something for experts, I'm just a hobby player.
So I asked for an exchange, which went without any problems, and now I have a very nice instrument in Ravi Shankar style.
The consultation service was very good, friendly and competent. There is a good selection of fine instruments. Highly recommended.
Dieter Stegmaier, Hameln (Germany)

"The Monoj Kumar Sardar that I received today is really incredibly good for its price!” – Roland S. Köhler, Munich (Germany)

"The instrument has arrived in good condition. It is really wonderful! I play it a lot!” – Andreas Brandmaier, Munich (Germany)

"The children's sitar arrived today, very well packed. A really beautiful instrument! The tone is very round and amazingly rich for such a small instrument.” – Werner Wasmuth, Frankfurt (Germany)

"The instrument has a beautiful sound, I am truly satisfied. An old dream has come true." – Jasin Duprat (France)

"I opened the case and what is saw is absolutely sensational. Truely wonderful and totally inspiring – my old double-bass already watches me full of suspicion. Many thanks for your competence, your patience with my questions, the great advice and everything else." – Martin Fahrni (Switzerland)

"The instrument sounds really full and warm. It's big fun to play it." – Christian Fischer-Schiedat, Illingen (Germany)

"I am very happy. This Hiren Roy sitar is absolutely fantastic! A real masterpiece. What else can I say, I can not find the words to describe how satisfied I am. It was worth waiting for!" - Isabella Evergren (Sweden)

"This P. & Brothers deluxe sitar sounds amazing! My first impression when I tuned it was very good. Then with the practice the sound start to be much better.
The baaj string on the begining sounds very closed but then in three days the voice of this string appears. The tarab, kharaj, jora, chikari, the tone, the sustaine...very clear sound. Also is very confortable to play, the tuning pegs are very soft and the tuning is very stable.
Thank you for bring this jewel to Europe!" - Antonio Calvo de Lara (Spain)

"I'm still very impressed by your first delivery, very good Tabla skins, still keep telling friends & other Tabla Players." – Jack Daniels, Berchem (Belgium)

"The baya is lovely, it has an excellent warm tone and the quality of construction is better than any I have played since I began, the quality of the pudi/head is such that it allows full expression of note bending and ornamentation. I will recommend that all my students aspire to owning the premium baya. The tabla.The construction and use of materials is excellent, the best I have seen in terms of the attention to detail, finish and construction. The sound is beautiful, lovely sustain of pure tone on open strokes, the drum was playable and tuned straight out of the box. The head/pudi is durable of the highest quality that I have come across, why buy tabla from anywhere else? I will recommend to all my students to order their tabla from you. The other important point for any prospective customer to know is that buying an instrument from you is straightforward and that you are very efficient and quick to reply to any questions that I had." – Jon Leadbeater, Great Britain

"The tabla set has reached in good condition. It sound sreally great, I'm thrilled!" – Thomas Mahler, Essen (Germany)

"The tabla sounds gorgeous! My son is totally thrilled and has been playing it for an hour now. I bought my first tabla eight years back in India, but it never sounded as good as this one!" – Tom Mogensen, Felm (Germany)

"Thanks again for your support. I have a lot of fun with the new set. The dayan sounds great with the new skin.” – Thomas Kirstein, Bad Kreuznach (Germany)

"I'm very happy with bayan. It sounds fantastic + looks great. I'll probably fall in love with it.” – Tobias Ott, Traunstein (Germany)

"Thanks for the quick delivery. The instruments are really beautiful with great sound. I'm totally satisfied.” – Anton Tobies, Dachau (Germany)

"Many thanks for the shipment. You have chosen the dayan very well for me. I'm very satisfied. Now for the details: Weight very good. Workmanship very good. Sound great, loud nd sharp. In summary the dayan is of highest professional quality." – Wolfgang Osterer, Weilheim (Germany)

"Bayan has arrived. Beautiful instrument, great sound (even from beginner's hands like mine)." – Klaus Danner, Stuttgart (Germany)

"Thank you for the quality of your service, I received the harmonium pakrashi premium last week, the rapidity of the delivery was impressive ! The harmonium is fantastic." – Jérôme Jeanrenaud (Switzerland)

"I was very much satisfied with the khol I bought from you. The best one I ever played! And it's getting better and better... Very inspiring." – Ricard Österstam (Sweden)

"Thanks for the quick delivery. The khol has a great sound." – Jürgen Kost, Tübingen (Germany)

"Beautiful body, super bass, powerful treble skin! Jyes, this is what I had imagined!" – Horst Felder, Köln (Germany)

"I have a lot of fun experimenting with my tanpura – thanks again for the extensive advice." – Marc Hagmaier, Karlsruhe (Germany)

"I've received the Hiren Roy tanpura and I'm very satisfied with it: the instrument has a very beautiful and powerful sound, thanks a lot!" -  Paolo Fallilone, Osoppo (Italy)

Mohan Vina
"I'm completly crazy for the mohan veena! It is a very good instrument!!" - Alberto Capelli (Italy)

"India instruments were very helpful when I ordered a Paloma santoor ( on the advice of my santoor tutors in Yorkshire, England ).
The santoor arrived promptly by FedEx courier, well protected by packaging and after my tutor had tuned it, he said it was a good santoor & that I was very lucky to have it - from Mumbai via Berlin.
India Instruments in Berlin seem a reliable and helpful company and recently celebrated decades of good work.!" - Liz Armstrong (UK)

"Thanks for the quick delivery. Both flutes are superb." – Stephan Koch, Lindenberg (Germany)

"The instrument has a marvellous and rich voice and furthermore it's a very beautiful object! So, it's been a real pleasure to deal with you!" – Hans C. D. von Weissenfluh, Genoa (Italy)

"I´m very satisfied with the dilruba I bought from you. She sounds heavenly now." - Martin Möller (Sweden)

"The sarangi sounds better and better every year." - Martin Möller (Sweden)

"I like the "Alap Bhimpalasi" very much. I appreciate the combination of professional musicianship and analytical presentation." – Bernd Schraudner, Münsing (Germany)

"Raga Academy Bhimpalasi is really convincing, especially the calmness and precision of the detailed introduction and elaboration of each phrase. It gives me the feeling of having the teacher physically right next to me, giving personal advice – very sensitive and at the same time down to earth and focused on the subject matter." – Werner Wasmuth, Bandung (Indonesia)

"It's great to work with the recording, because it gives me the feeling of not having to practice all alone! I'll definetely order the next one as well." - Jasin Duprat, France

Electronic Tabla Riyaz Master
"Hhhmmmm... this device turns practice into poetry." – Norbert Ammermann, Osnabrück (Germany)

"The Vilayat Khan DVD is fantastic." - Jürgen Kost, Tübingen (Germany)

"Sitar Guru is a great CD-ROM with accompanying audio CD. It is truly a milestone for ethnomusicological teaching and lesrning in intercultural discourse." – Max Peter Baumann, Bamberg (Germany)

"Many thanks for the loving harmonium repair. The instrument sounds beautiful again, smooth and light, as it it was newly born." – Zsuzsa Eroes, Potsdam (Germany)

"I am delighted to report that the Hemen sarod arrived safely today. Your repair work is indeed excellent. I have just tuned the instrument and it does sound so much better with the new skin with proper tension. The replating of the fingerboard too is superb. Thank you very much. I have another sarod which will need repairs fairly soon and I hope that, when time comes, you will agree to undertake that work for me." - Narendra Patel, Great Britain

"The packaging was superb! Everything arrived in perfect conditions." – Hans C. D. von Weissenfluh, Genoa (Italy)

"Many thanks for the friendly mails and the reliable and uncomplicated sale!" – Andreas Brandmaier, Munich (Germany)

"My urgent order from yesterday has already reached my today!!! My heartfelt thanks for the speedy delivery!" – Herward Rohde, Mettmann (Germany)

"I am very happy with the dayan (the sound has improved by dimensions). Definetely TOP-SERVICE!!! Thanks for making it happen so extremely fast." - Martin Wojtowicz, Köln (Germany)

"The instruments have arrived in good condition and I am very satisfied. Many thanks for the quick service and good quality!" – Juri Viktor Stork, Switzerland

 "I must say that your customer service is by far the most friendly and obliging, and I order a lot online ;)" - Wilfried Nairz, Austria

"I have been ordering from you for years. And I am always really more than satisfied with the way you deal with me as a customer. I always have the feeling that my wishes are in good hands with you.
The things I order arrive very quickly, reliably and well - simply wonderful. Whoever asks me where to go with orders - or simply questions - will get your address from me. - Volkmar Walczyk, Bad Kissingen, Germany

"Congratulations on your new website. Well-done, competent and informative.It's really fun browsing the site and the links!" –  A.W. Söllner, Rhauderfehn (Germany)

"The site of your shop is beautiful and very easy to look at: BRAVO!" - Renzo Zenobi (Italy)

"Congrats on the competent, easy-to-navigate and helpful site!" – Stephan Froleyks, Bedburg-Hau (Germany)