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Pictures, audio samples and texts give detailed information and individual impressions of our instruments. Of course we are also ready to assist you personally by e-mail - music(at) - or phone at +49-30-6211724! Or make an appointment and come visit us in our shop!


Various brands in Ravi Shankar style and Vilayat Khan style, Calcutta Standard and 3/4 sitars


Various brands, categorized according to size in Male, Female and Instrumental


Premium- and standard quality from Calcutta as well as sturdy and durable synthetic tablas

Drums & Percussion

Dholak, dhol, khol, pakhawaj, mridangam, thavil, ghatam, kanjira, foot bells, cymbals


From simple beginner's model to scale-changer with all extras


Light shrutis for travel and large shrutis with a long breath

Wind Instruments

Bansuri, shahnai, nageswaram, pungi

Electronic Instruments

Various tabla-, tanpura- and lahara machines and accessories

Various String Instruments

Sarod, surbahar, santoor, swarmandal, dotar, ektar, sursringar and all veenas

Bowed Instruments

Various types of esraj, dilruba and sarangi

Vegan Instruments

All instruments that are 100% free from animal products

Special Offers

2nd-hand, antiques, exhibits, discontinued models, victims of accidents