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Vegan Instruments

Animal products are used in many Indian instruments: Skins in drums and some stringed instruments, leather for sealing in harmoniums and shruti boxes, horn and bone parts for bridges, saddles, tailpieces and fine tuners in many stringed instruments. The traditional materials shellac (for high-gloss surface sealing, obtained from the secretion of the lacquer scale insect) and water-soluble hide glue (for most gluing, cooked from hides or bones) are also of animal origin.

All Indian instruments on this page are 100% free from animal products and thus meet strict vegan requirements: traditional percussion made of wood, clay or metal, flutes made of bamboo, wind instruments made of wood and reeds - and innovative new instruments like the bamboo tanpura or the drums with synthetic skins by Karunya.



Bamboo Tanpura - robust and compact new development made of bamboo trunk with wooden top, made in Germany
 769 €



The warm, supple tone of the bamboo transverse flute Bansuri charms European ears as much as Indian ones.

Bansuri Standard - simple quality for beginners
49 - 69 €

Bansuri Premium - professional quality for the highest demands made of exquisite bamboo
89 - 269 €

Reed instruments have a distinctive sharp, powerful tone.

Shehnai (Shahnai, Shenai) - small double reed instrument from North India
159 €

Nageswaram (Nadaswaram, Nadhaswaram, Nathaswaram) - large, powerful double-reed instrument from South India
349 €



The vegan drums from Karunya have heads and bodies made entirely of synthetic materials and are particularly robust, durable, stable in tuning and easy to handle.

S.R.I. Dholak Karunya - North Indian folk drum with robust fibreglass body
319 € (incl. bag & accessories)

S.R.I. Khol / Mridanga Karunya - North Indian barrel drum for Kirtans
439 € (incl. bag & accessories)

S.R.I. Tabla Karunya - North Indian tabla and baya in a set, suitable for c- to d-tuning
419 € (incl. bag & accessories)

S.R.I. Mridangam Karunya - classical South Indian cbarrel drum
495 € (incl. bag & accessories)



Manjiras / Kartals - traditional cymbals made of bell metal in different sizes
19 - 49 €

Rajasthani Kartals - wooden sound plates with sound like castanets
19,50 € (pair)

Ghatam – classical South Indian clay pot
249 € (incl. bag & ring)

Ghungroos / Footbells Kathak Professional - 2 x 100 bells on cord
79 €

Ghungroos / Footbell Kathak Student - 2 x 50 bells on cord
29 € (S) | 34 € (M) | 39 € (L)



Saraswati Veena Sunadavinodini - semi-acoustic long-necked lute from South India
789 €

Taalmala Digi-108 - eTabla with 108 rhythms
189 €

Milan - eTabla with 15 rhythms and eTanpura
229 €

Saarang Magic Plus - pocket eTanpura to go
169 €

Saarang Ranjani +5 - 5-string all-round eTanpura
179 €

Saarang Sparshini - eTanpura with woody cabinet
289 €

Sunadamala Plus - eLahara with 200 melodies in 20 rhythms
169 €