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Newsletter Archive

Our email newsletter with current tips, information and background is among the very few regular  publications on Indian instruments and Indian music. We send it every two months with musician portraits, reviews of books, CDs and events, concert and workshop dates, scene news, practical tips, background reports on raga, kirtan and bhakti music, as well as news from India Instruments.

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Previous newsletters

Newsletter September 2021 – Janaury 2022

Innovative Instruments (Vegan Dholak, Semi-acoustic Saraswati Veena & Recon Shrutibox) – Corona Consequences (Logistics Chaos & Price Hikes) – Reflektor Anoushka Shankar (Festival at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg) – Music Documentaries Online (Raga, Strings of Melody, That Which Colors The Mind, Dhrupad) – Brief News (Laughing Buddha, Network Konnakol, Interviews) – How to Make (Indian) Music? (27 – Tonality and Symmetry as Principles of Nature) – Workshops & Concerts (Prospects for 2022)

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Newsletter April - August 2021

Small is Beautiful (Harmoniums for on the Move) – Service (Tanpura Price Reduction, Harmonium Bonus, Vegan Instruments) – Teaching Material (Harmonium & Sitar) – Covid-19 Pandemic (Problems for Indian Instrument Makers) – Ideal and Reality (Film Review The Disciple) – Brief News (Covid Victims, Random Raga Player, Raga Streaming) – How to Make (Indian) Music? (26 – Balance) – Workshops - (September to November) – Concerts - (September to November)

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Newsletter January / February / March 2021

Instruments (Hybrid Sarod, Female Tanpuras, Special Offers Harmoniums & Shrutiboxes) – Learning Harmonium (Videos & Books for Mantra Accompaniment) – 432 Hertz Tuning (Hype or Healing?) – Craft & Art in Bhakti Music (6 – Musical Competence) – Brief News (Harmonium Purchase Guide, Dhrupad of the Dagars, Indian Music Scholarships) – 
How to Make (Indian) Music? (25 – Universal Yearning) – Workshops & Concerts

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Newsletter July / December 2020

Fine Hamoniums for On the Go & Everywhere ( Pakrashi Premium Mini & Sarang Kirtan Classic) – Corona in India (Chaos, Flexibility & Resilience) – Kirtan (Anyone Can Sing!) – #MeToo (Sexual Harassment by Classical Indian Musicians) – Brief News ( Pandit Jasraj Passes Away / World Sitar Festival / Wind of Change) – How to Make (Indian) Music? (24 – What is Improvisation?) – Workshops & Concerts

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Newsletter April / May / June 2020

Corona Pandemic (Crisis for Indian Music and Indian Instrument Makers) – Karunya Khol & Pakrashi Premium (Vegan Drum & Classy Harmonium) – Reduced VAT (Instruments Get Cheaper) – Online Learning (Courses, Clubs and Individual Sessions) – Brief News (Elbphilharmonie Festival, Music Collection Saved, Anniversary in Bern) – How to Make (Indian) Music? (23 – Listening Inside Oneself) – Workshops & Concerts

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Newsletter January / February / March 2020

Mantras and Kirtan (Inclusion and Happiness) – Harmoniums (Extraordinary Look & Easy Travelling) – Special Offers (Drums, Tablas, Flutes & More) – Species Protection (Rosewood Allowed Again for Musical Instruments – Brief News (Digital Simulations, End for Conchord Guitars?) – How to Make (Indian) Music? (22– Combinations and Permutations) – Workshops (March to May) – Concerts (March to April)

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Newsletter November / December 2019

Ramakant Gundecha (Sound Researcher and Perfectionist) – 25 Years India Instruments (More Concert Videos) – Learn Harmonium (Online Sources) – Brief News (Shankar 100, Kutiyattam Researcher, 40 Years of Indian Dance in Berlin) – How to Make (Indian) Music? (21 – Finding Your Own Truth) – Workshops (December to March) – Concerts (December to February)

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Newsletter July / August / September 2019

India Instruments‘ 25th Anniversary Celebration (A Day Full of Joy) – India Instruments‘ 25th Anniversary Celebration (Concert Videos) – Bina Harmoniums (Kirtan Premium, Mini & Binaswar) – Brief News (Live Concerts Online, Mantra Movie digital, Axel Elbin Deceased) – How to Make (Indian) Music? (20 – Technical Control Impedes Feeling) – Workshops (October to December) – Concerts (October & November)

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Newsletter May / June 2019

India Instruments‘ Anniversary Celebration (Music All Day Through) - Bina Standard (Sturdy Harmonium for Beginners) - Kirtan (11 – Kirtan Styles: Bengali & Vrindavan) - Brief News (Gypsy Meets India, Shankar Lal, Chhandayan New York, Sargam Czech Republic) - How to Make (Indian) Music? (19 – Letting the Instrument Speak) - Workshops (July to September) -
Concerts (July to August)

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Newsletter March / April 2019

India Instruments turns 25 (Competence & Passion) – Synthetic Mridangam & Tabla (Vegan, Sturdy & Easy to Tune) –  Raga Teaching CDs (Gyan Vol. 5 with Ragas Purvi & Asavari) - Brief News (Shared Values, Extra-Indian Music, Sarod for Millions) - How to Make (Indian) Music? (18 - To Fall in Love with Sounds) – Workshops (April to June) – Concerts (April to June)

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