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Musical instruments from India Instruments are not only available in our store in Berlin or by mail order, but also to some extent from our distribution partners. We would like to introduce or at least mention some of them here. You can check out and buy some instruments from our assortment in their stores. And you can also place orders with them, if that's more convenient for you than ordering directly from us. Partners are arranged according to country in alphabetical order and within the same country according to postal code.

Klanghaus Gandharva Loka
1070 Wien -

Klanghaus Gandharva Loka
5020 Salzburg -

9420 Erpe-Mere - Shrutiboxes, Harmoniums, Tanpuras, Bansuris -

Merlyn in the little city Erpe-Mere, halfway between Brussels and Gent, is currently our most important partner in Belgium. "Sounds for Healing" is Merlyn's motto, offering instruments from all over the world for therapy, healing, rituals, relaxation, meditation, wellness, music education, or simply enjoying the beauty of sound. Merlyn's assortment includes stringed instruments, wind instruments, drums and percussion, singing bowls, gongs and other metal instruments, tuning forks and therapeutic media. More detailed information and a video demonstration of some instruments in the shop is available at India Instruments supplies Merlyn regularly with harmoniums, shrutiboxes, tanpuras, and bansuris. Many of these instruments are permanently available and can be tried and purchased in the showroom. Our partnership with Merlyn was started in 2008.??Patrik Niels, owner of Merlyn, is an active musician at concert level as well. Together with Myriam Cayet he also runs a center for self-development. In this context, he organizes workshops and concerts with healing sounds, gives sound sessions and runs a shop with esoteric, meditation and wellness products.?

Mandalia Music
44192 Clisson Cedex -

Haus Yoga Vidya, 32805 Bad Meinberg -  Harmoniums, Shrutiboxes, Wind Instruments, Percussion

Haus Yoga Vidya in the small North-Western German spa town Bad Meinberg is probably the largest center for yoga, meditation and ayurveda in Europe with over 100 full-time employees, 430 beds and 60,000 overnight stays per year (in 2008). At the same time, the house is a kind of power center of the Yoga Vidya association with about 100 yoga centers and seminar houses in Germany and Austria. Yoga Vidya was founded in 1992 and follows the yoga tradition of Swami Sivananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda. The association saw a rapid growth since then and in 2003 a former health clinic was taken over to establish today's headquarters in Bad Meinberg. The Haus Yoga Vidya is a kind of yoga ashram with fixed rules for permanent staff, temporary volunteers and guests. At the same time it is a place for encounters, exchange and research, constantly looking for ways of making knowledge of the yoga tradition available to the modern world. Seminars, professional training courses, festivals and conferences are held regularly for this purpose, with guests, yogis, scientists and artists from all over the world. More detailed information .

A little shop in the entrance hall is an important part of Haus Yoga Vidya. It is called Boutique and offers a large selection of CDs and some musical instruments in addition to the usual assortment of books and yoga equipment. Since 2010 we supply the Boutique with harmoniums, shrutiboxes, wind and percussion instruments. All instruments can be tried out in the shop. The selling prices are the same as ours. The Boutique usually has the two harmonium models Paloma premium and Paloma Compactina, the shrutibox Monoj Kumar Sardar small , some kanjiras  and some standard bamboo flutes in stock. Occasionally it also has the harmonium Paloma standard  or Monoj Kumar Sardar premium coupler. If you happen to visit the Boutique and don't see the instruments at once, just ask for them at the counter - not all available instruments can be displayed at all times due to limited space. Basically, almost all of the instruments from India Instruments can be ordered through the Boutique.

34596 Bad Zwesten - Shrutiboxen,

88348 Bad Saulgau - Shrutiboxes, Harmoniums, Tanpuras,

Steinklang, based in the small village of Lampertsweiler, about 40 km north of Friedrichshafen / Lake Constance, is a specialty store for overtone instruments for therapy, music and meditation. The assortment consists of gongs, cymbals, drums, percussion, chimes, sounding stones, singing bowls, sound pyramids, sansulas / kalimbas, stringed instruments, wind instruments, water phones, harmoniums, bells and shrutiboxes. Typical of Steinklang are the uncompromisingly high quality standards in terms of products sold, service and design of the showrooms. India Instruments supplies Steinklang with large and small shrutiboxes from Monoj Kumar Sardar, the Paloma harmonium models premium, compactina and scale-changer, instrumental tanpuras from P. & Brother and Hiren Roy, male and female tanpuras from P. & Brother and Hemen. Steinklang usually keeps all these instruments in stock. They can be tried out and bought on the spot in the bright, spacious showrooms covering 170 square meters. Detailed information about Steinklang at .

Steinklang was founded in 1994 by Peter Stein. His previous experience as a flute maker, speech and voice therapist, overtone and mantra singer, dental technician and electro-technical assistant gave him the necessary broad base on a musical, therapeutical and technical level. Over the years, Steinklang has grown steadily and is now probably the best provider of its kind in Central Europe. To this day, Peter Stein takes his business primarily as a one-man operation. Continuous cooperation with India Instruments is already running since 2002.

Sazed Ul Alam, 03201 Elche -

Klanghaus Gandharva Loka
8001 Z├╝rich -