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Wind Instruments


Probably the most well-known and most popular Indian wind instrument is the transverse bamboo flute bansuri. Its warm supple sound pleases Western and Indian ears alike.

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  • Bansuri Standard – a simple beginner's instrument, VEGAN
  • Bansuri Premium – a precisely tuned instrument made from choice bamboo, meeting the highest standards, VEGAN


Reed instruments with their strikingly sharp and powerful sound are also very common in India.

  • The shehnai (also called shahnai or shenai) is a quite small double-reed instrument from North India, VEGAN
  • The nadaswaram (also called nagaswaram, nadhaswaram or nathaswaram) is a big, powerful double-reed instrument from South India, VEGAN
  • A pungi (also called been or shapure bansi) is a small single-reed folk music instrument, played particularly by snake charmers.