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Bolscript – Opensource Software for Tabla Compositions

by Hannes Oud
(August 2010)

Bolscript is a free open source programme for entering and managing tabla compositions of all kinds. The compositions are entered in a simple text-based structure. They are displayed in relation to the chosen tala and speed in an easily readable way. The display can also show devanagari or combine several strokes (e. g. dha ge ti te -> dhagetite) in order to get a better overview. Entered compositions are shown in a list and can be found with a quick search function when the list gets longer. You can enter any part of the composition (e. g. "dha ge ti te", or short "dgtt") and the search function will show all those compositions containing this sequence. All compositions can be saved in pdf-format for easy printing and mailing as well. When entering new compositions, previous sequences of it can be re-used, repeated, shortened, changed in speed or varied, strokes can be stressed, footnotes and commentaries can be added, etc. Bolscript does not support any kind of audio playback of the compositions, though.

I have so far tried Bolscript on Mac OS X 10.6 and Windows XP. Main requirement is an up to date Java installation. More details and the programme itself at:

I look forward to any feedback! And if there is any Java programmer amongst you – co-operation would be great!