Biographical Portraits
Sketches of life and work of musicians and other people from the Indian music scene in the form of obituaries, birthday or award felicitations, etc.

Bose, Indrayudh (Violinist) - Tragic Death
Obituary by Arup Sengupta (December 2010)

Chaurasia, Hariprasad (Flutist) - The Sweetest Side of Indian Music
Homage to his 75th Birthday by Jan Reichow (July 2013)

Dagar, Rahim Fahimuddin (Dhrupad Singer) - A Legacy
Obituary by Amelia Cuni (September 2011)

Desai, Shamsuddin Faridi (Rudra Veena Player) - Troubadour of Allah
Obituary by Thomas Meisenheimer (September 2011)

Hangal, Gangubai (Khyal Singer) - Charisma and Modesty
Obituary by Yogendra (December 2009)

Hassan, Mehdi (Ghazal Singer) - King of Ghazal
Obituary by Yogendra (July 2012)

Jalgaonkar, Appa (Harmonium Player) - Harmonium Master
Obituary By Yogendra (September 2009)

Jasraj, Pandit (Khyal Singer) - 80th Birthday
Felicitation by Martin Lamß (February 2010)

Joshi, Bhimsen (Khyal Singer) - The Quintessential Voice
Obituary by Vibhaker Baxi (February 2011)

Khan, Ali Akbar (Sarodiya) - Emperor of Melody
Obituary by Yogendra (June 2009)

Khan, Asad Ali (Rudra Veena Player) - A Life for the Rudra Veena
Obituary by Carsten Wicke (August 2011)

Khan, Mohammad Sayeed (Khyal Singer) - Khyal Pioneer in Europe
Obituary by Yogendra (November 2012)

Khan, Shamim Ahmed & Jamaluddin Bhartiya (Sitariyas) - Farewell to Two Sitar Virtuosos
Obituaries by Yogendra (March 2012)

Khan, Sultan (Sarangiya) - The Voice of the Sarangi
Obituary by Yogendra (January 2012)

Mariano, Charlie (Saxophonist)- Pioneer of World Jazz
A Tribute by Ramesh Shotham (August 2009)

Menon, Brigitte (Sitariya) - Successful Homage to Vilayat Khan
By Ingo Anhenn (September 2009)

Moser, Heike (Dancer & Indologist) - Waldschmidt-Price
Felicitation by Yogendra (February 2009)

Pannke, Peter (Producer) - Tagore Award
Felicitation by Yogendra (October 2009)

Paust, Günther (Tour Manager) - Rabindranath Tagore Prize
Felicitation by Yogendra (September 2011)

Rahman, A. R. (Composer) - Crystal Award
By Yogendra (February 2011)

Sen, Hemen (Instrument Maker) – Master Sarod Maker
Obituary by Yogendra (January 2010)

Shankar, Ravi (Sitariya) - Visionary of Indian Music
Obituary by Yogendra (January 2013)

Shankar, Ravi (Sitariya) - Cosmopolitan with the Lute
90th Birthday Felicitation by Ingo Anhenn, Stuttgart (April 2010)

Sharma, Shivkumar (Santoor Player) - Elder Statesman of Indian Music
Felicitation by Yogendra (January 2013)

Singh, Jagjit (Ghazal Singer) - King of Ghazal-Pop
Obituary by Yogendra (November 2011)

Tagore, Rabindranath (Poet, Composer & Philosopher) - Ambassador and Creative Genius
Essay by Yogendra (June 2011)