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Indrayudh Bose - Tragic Death

Orbituary by Arup Sengupta
(December 2010)

The world of Indian music has lost one of the most talented North Indian violinists. On November 13th, Indrayudh Bose drowned in the dangerous currents of the Bay of Bengal, at the beach resort of Digha, in a tragical accident.

Indrayudh Bose was born in 1976. His first teacher, until her untimely death, was his mother Milly Bose, a student of renowned violinist Sisirkana Dhar Chaudhury. He then continued his studies with the great sitar player Kushal Das. Since 2002 Indrayudh visited Europe regularly and gave many concerts in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

I was allowed to accompany him on the tabla in a variety of concerts, and I found that his playing was characterized by both meditative depth and technical virtuosity. Shortly before his death, we talked to each other on the phone and made plans for future joint projects. The people around him appreciated his happy nature and his selflessness.

Left behind by Indrayudh are his father, his wife Mohua, whom he had married in the spring of 2009, and his 3-months-old daughter Paromeshwari. If you knew Indrayudh and would like to give support to his bereaved family, feel free to contact me at e-mail

May his soul rest in peace!