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Das, Ramanujacharya

Vaisnava Harmonium is based on the classical North Indian music system and presents 43 Vaisnava Bhajans. It goes step by step from very simple to more advanced melodies.

EU: 24 €
Ströer, Ernst

The Drumming of the Gods - Die Rhythmik Südindiens für Außerindische ist ein gut verständliches, klar strukturiertes Lehrbuch zur Rhythmik in der klassischen südindischen Musiktradition.

EU: 24 €
Abels, Birgit

Valuable insights into the complex history of the harmonium in North India, analysing the apparent conflict between musical theory and practice and describing how the instrument is used in classical North Indian music.

EU: 12 €
Bor, Joep (editor)

The Raga Guide is an introduction to Hindustani ragas, the melodic basis for the classical music of Northern India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is THE modern reference work for listeners and connoisseurs, students and scholars.

EU: 44,90 €
Das, Ramanujacharya
Systematic basic course for playing khol / mridanga
EU: 19 €
Dasi, Narayani Devi

Easily accessible melodies for beginners on the harmonium,

EU: 12 €

Text and chord notations for harmonium of nine devotional songs from the bhakti tradition.

EU: 15 €
Gromer Khan, Al

Audio book in German about the magic, fascination and danger of Indian music for a young Western sitar student, written with a strong autobiographical background.

EU: 24,95 €
Feinberg, Josh

This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner's guide serves as an introduction to sitar and its technique, as well as the practice, theory, and history of raga music. The audio access includes 42 tracks for demonstration and play-along.

EU: 24.90 €
Feinberg, Josh

This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner's guide serves as an introduction to sitar and its technique, as well as the practice, theory, and history of raga music. The accompanying audio access includes 42 tracks for demonstration and play-along

EU: 18,90 €
Khan, Ali Akbar / Ruckert, George

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This is a real must-have as a practical workbook, simulating the first year's study at the famous Ali Akbar College of music in California. Well-structured, easily accessible text on all practically relevant issues as well as on theory and history plus glossary and 180 pages of useful exercises and inspiring vocal and instrumental compositions in ten ragas, based on the ten most important scales of classical North Indian music.

EU: 35 €

The Kirtan Notenheft is a rich collection of nearly 70 well-known and popular mantras, sanskrit prayers and spiritual songs. The melodies are given in Western staff notation.

EU: 12,80 €

books give vague introductions to technique and simple  compositions - they are no substitute for a teacher!

EU: 9 €
Leifer, Lyon

A comprehensive beginning course in the technique of the bansuri in the tradition of Pannalal Ghosh, based on the teaching of Devendra Murdheshwar. Profusely illustrated with many charts, exercises, and photographs.

EU: 39 €
Lockett, Pete

Indian Rhythm for Drumset consists of a 136-page textbook in large format and a data CD with over 200 MP3 examples played by Pete Lockett, bringing to live nearly all the material of the book.

EU: 24,90 €
Moutal, Patrick

Unique collection of 454 gats of classcial North Indian music in 164 ragas and 15 talas, notated in Indian sargam notation in Indian Devanagari script .

EU: 31 €
Pannke, Peter

What does India sound like, as a country and as a culture? This audio book is a journey through 5000 years of Indian history from ancient myths of creation to the 21st century with plenty of sound examples with special focus on the classical raga tradition.

EU: 24 €
Raja, Deepak

Ground-breaking and wide-ranging survey of North Indian classical music during the post-independence period. The book discusses the inner working of this tradition and is fascinating, enlightening and sometimes controversial reading for all those looking for a deeper understanding of the art form.

EU: 35 €
Tournier, Henri

Improvisation is essential to the performance of classical Indian ragas. This media package is the foremost guide to improvisation in classical North Indian style. It provides fascinating insights and challenging study material for bansuri players, other melody instrumentalists, singers and musicologists alike.

EU: 39,90 €
Wilder, Joan

Lyrics and notations for 70 Vaisnava songs.

EU: 24 €