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Learning & Practice

It can be difficult to find a teacher for Indian instruments or someone to practice with. In this situation our learning and practice media can be of great help to get the best out of your instrument and have more fun with the music. A good advice and the right instructions help to get started properly and to overcome difficulties on the way - and your practice does the rest. And all those still looking for personal teaching find a comprehensive list of teachers and a workshop calendar in our network section.

Electronic Tablas, Tanpuras & Software
Compact, easy-to-use plug-and-play devices with Indian rhythms and drones, great for practice

DVDs and books on basic harmonium technique, kirtan accompaniment, various ragas and spiritual songs

Vocal Devotional
DVDs, CDs and sheet books for Indian devotional singing (kirtan, bhajan, mantra, chant)

Vocal Classical
DVDs, CDs and books on classical Indian vocal technique and various ragas

DVDs, CDs, books and CD-Rom-s on basic sitar technique and various ragas

DVDs and books on basic tabla technique, various talas and solo tabla repertoire

Books with audio CDs on basic bansuri technique and various ragas

Dilruba, Esraj & Taus
A book introducing the techniques with lots of notes

DVDs on dholak, dhol, kanjira, ghatam, khol, pakhawaj, manjira, tombak, darabuka , bendir and riqq

Raga Music
Books, CDs and DVDs on theoretical basics and the practical performance of Indian ragas

Rhythm Practice
DVDs with rhythm exercises for every musician, based on the syllables of Indian rhythm language

Tanpura-, tabla- and lahara-CDs to accompany and inspire your practice