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Ströer, Ernst

The Drumming of the Gods - The Rhythm of South India for Non-Indians is an easy-to-understand, clearly structured textbook on rhythm in the classical South Indian musical tradition.

EU: 24 €
Das, Ramanujacharya

Systematic basic course for playing khol / mridanga.

EU: 19 €
Lockett, Pete

Indian Rhythm for Drumset consists of a 136-page textbook in large format and a data CD with over 200 MP3 examples played by Pete Lockett, bringing to live nearly all the material of the book.

EU: 24,90 €

The 4-DVD set Devotional Music Lessons is a comprehensive introduction to traditional devotional Bengali music on khol / mridanga, harmonium and kartals / manjeeras. It is also an extensive collection of music of the Hare Krishna movement.

EU: 26,90 €
Alaoui, Ali

Ali Alaoui's darabuka DVD set includes five elements: A practical guide to playing the Arabian darabuka with stroke techniques and various rhythms, basic techniques of bendir and riqq, 112 page booklet with more than 100 rhythms and background information, a solo concert video and a documentary on Moroccan music and darabuka manufacturing.

EU: 45 €