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Ströer, Ernst

The Drumming of the Gods - Die Rhythmik Südindiens für Außerindische ist ein gut verständliches, klar strukturiertes Lehrbuch zur Rhythmik in der klassischen südindischen Musiktradition.

EU: 23,39 €
Das, Ramanujacharya

Systematic basic course for playing khol / mridanga.

EU: 18,52 €
Lockett, Pete

Indian Rhythm for Drumset consists of a 136-page textbook in large format and a data CD with over 200 MP3 examples played by Pete Lockett, bringing to live nearly all the material of the book.

EU: 2.427,23 €

The 4-DVD set Devotional Music Lessons is a comprehensive introduction to traditional devotional Bengali music on khol / mridanga, harmonium and kartals / manjeeras. It is also an extensive collection of music of the Hare Krishna movement.

EU: 2.622,18 €
Ludin, Hakim

Well-known multi-percussionist Hakim Ludin gives both an introduction to the technique of playing the kanjira and to the rhythmic system and the spoken syllables of the South Indian classical music tradition. He also shows traditional compositions and the many uses of the kanjira as a ?small drum set? in contemporary music.

EU: 3.460,50 €

1. Dhol (Kishore & Raju); 2. Pakhawaj: Cow Tail-Gau Puchchha (Dalchand Mishra; 3. The Himalayan Drums-Doar: Thali Seeking Belssings From God (Manoj Kumar & Roshan Lal); 4. Tabla: Khemta tala (Aniruddh Das Gupta); 5. Tabla: Roopak tala (Rahul Bhagwat); 6. The Himalayan Drums: Ramdaul-Rhythm Of Returning, Procession With the Bride, After Marriage (Roshan Lal & Party); 7 Dholak: Dadra tala (Raju)

ID: SI-10052
EU: 1.939,83 €
Alaoui, Ali

Ali Alaoui's darabuka DVD set includes five elements: A practical guide to playing the Arabian darabuka with stroke techniques and various rhythms, basic techniques of bendir and riqq, 112 page booklet with more than 100 rhythms and background information, a solo concert video and a documentary on Moroccan music and darabuka manufacturing.

EU: 43,87 €
Khalaj, Madjid

Madjid Khalaj's tombak DVD set includes four elements: A practical guide to playing the Iranian tombak with stroke techniques, compositions and improvisations, an 80 page booklet with scores and background information, a solo concert video, a documentary about traditional tombak manufacturing in Iran

EU: 43,87 €