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Sitar Accessories

Multipurpose sitar holder for playing and storage

Strengthen your right hand and stimulate your callus with this pocket-sized device

Mizrabs / Wire Plectrums
Essential for every sitarist, available in various types and sizes from very small to quite large

Complete string sets for various styles, single strings and string coils

Narkas / Tuning Aids
Narkas give good control over the small and narrow sympathetic pegs

Cases & Bags
Flexible bags and cases in cardboard, leather and fiberglass for any travel situation

Frets & Fret Silk
Single frets, complete fret sets and synthetic fret silk for binding frets

Mankas / Fine Tuners
Swan-shaped or oval, a great help for precise tuning of the playing strings

Bridges, Saddles & Chikari Posts
Bridge blanks for playing and sympathetic strings, bone posts for chikari strings

Blanks for main pegs and sympathetic pegs with different head shapes

Resonator Screw Threads
For safe screwing of the upper resonator


Accessories in Instruments Section:


Electronic Tablas, Tanpuras & Software
Compact, easy-to-use plug-and-play devices with Indian rhythms and drones, great for practice


Accessories in Media Section:

Teaching Material
Introductory and advanced DVDs, books, etc. with exercises, tips and compositions

CDs & DVDs
Traditional ragas of famous masters and current world music