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Tabla Accessories

Tabla Hook
Hook with handle for tightening and adjusting straps, making this unavoidable work much easier

Protective covers made of fiberglass with padding

Cases & Bags
Gig bags and cases in cardboard, artificial leather and fiberglass for any travel situation

Heads Tabla Calcutta
Replacement tabla heads from Calcutta

Heads Baya Calcutta
Replacement baya heads from Calcutta

Heads Tabla Mumbai
Replacement tabla heads from Mumbai

Heads Baya Mumbai
Replacement baya heads from Mumbai

Replacement for cracked or brittle rawhide straps

Tuning Blocks (Gattas)
Thick gattas for tabla, thin gattas for baya

Tuning Hammers
Heavy brass hammers for easy tuning, lighter hammers for travel


Accessories in Instruments Section:


Electronic Laharas, Tanpuras & Software
Compact, easy-to-use plug-and-play devices with Indian melodies and drones, great for practice


Accessories in Media Section:


Teaching Material
Introductory and advanced DVDs, books, etc. with exercises, tips and compositions

CDs & DVDs
Traditional talas of famous masters and current world music